To support government policy in deregulation and privatization of electric power generation, the Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation raised funds to formally set up the Star Buck Power Corporation.

Star Buck Power Corporation on August 21, 2006. The Star Buck Gas-Fired Power Plant is located in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park in Xianxi Township of Changhua County, Taiwan. The power plant commenced commercial operation on June 30, 2009. Since then, it has been one of the major electricity contributors of Taiwan.


Star Buck Gas-Fired Power Plant occupies a 5.6778-hectare coastal land with over 35% of green coverage. Star Buck Power Plant is a park-like power plant merged in the local scenery and is the first power plant acquired a Green Building Certificate in Taiwan. The unit of the Xingyuan Power Plant adopts a 2+1 multi-axis complex cycle generator set with a capacity of 490MW±110% and a net power generation efficiency of 54%.According to a 25-year purchase and sale contract signed with Taipower, the net output power was sold to Taipower Company for daily start-stop.


Providing efficient and affordable clean electricity is our service goal.

We are fully committed to support local community and improve the welfare of the surrounding area.


Star Buck Power Corp. pays great attention to enhance safety and improve environmental protection. To build up a hazard-free working environment, it holds regular training programs, provides hazard advice and implements walkthrough patrols in order to achieve accident-free. Through its highly efficient and low polluting machines, the company diligently manages environmental protection issues such as air pollution, waste water treatment, and industrial waste disposal.